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  • Introducing City of Fountains new website!

    We congratulate the City of Fountains Foundation on the launch of their new website at kcfountains.org. Kansas City, Missouri, has every right to be proud of its fountains and public sculptures, and this new site offers great insight into the history and beauty of these many treasures.

  • Introducing The Kansas City Reperatory Theatre new website!

    The new Kansas City Repertory Theatre website gives this non-profit theatre company new capabilities that match its growing national reputation as a source of innovative new plays and important new talent. The Rep's new website adds to the buzz already generated by this exciting theatre company.

  • Introducing Invest Midwest new website!

    Invest Midwest helps match entrepreneurs with the venture capital that turns great ideas into business success. An easy-to-use website where entrepreneurs can learn about and sign up for Invest Midwest's conferences is essential to bringing ideas and capital together.

  • Introducing Park Hill Christian Church new website!

    Incorporating Park Hill Christian Church's stained glass window design is just one touch that makes the congregation's website special. A new content management system makes it much easier to update the site and manage the church's many activities.

River City Studio is now part of
Trozzolo Communications Group

"Trozzolo shares our view of today's communications needing to be fully integrated between all mediums 䩧ital, included. And, the Web and technology talents of our crew are a significant addition to Trozzolo੮-house team. In addition to the services you have received from us in the past, we are pleased to be able to offer you a broader and deeper menu of services related to branding, public relations and advertising which are Trozzoloࡲeas of expertise."
— Christel Gollnick, president, River City Studio

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